Now you can book a Careem by asking Siri

Dubai-based Careem partners with Apple to let iPhone users hail a ride without tapping a thing


“Hey Siri, book me a Careem“. It’s become that easy to book a car. The Dubai-based ride-sharing company has been expanding at a furious pace across the region on a spree of marketing partnerships, the latest being with Apple. Allowing iPhone users to hail a Careem without pushing any buttons gives it a huge edge against Uber, its main rival in the region.

“Our mission is to make people’s lives simpler and what better way to do this than to introduce a useful feature that makes ordering a Careem easier by just speaking to your phone?” said Selim Turki, the company’s Product Market Fit Director. “As two organisations that strongly believe in technological innovation and user experience, we hope to work together to utilise this partnership to be a local smart platform that derives creative solutions tailored to the benefit of our home customers’ lives.”

Careem launched on the heels of Uber and has been able to capture a huge segment within the region in terms of popularity by giving users more car options, such as female drivers, cars with child seats in it and more.



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