The Note 9 won’t have the in-display fingerprint sensor


It has been rumoured for a while now that Samsung has been attempting to get the in-display fingerprint sensor on its devices. First the rumour surfaced for the S9 and then moved onto the Note 9 expected later in the year.

In-display sensor: New rumour

A rumour surfacing in Korea today claims that Samsung has shut down plans for the sensor for the Note 9 too. Apparently Samsung isn’t happy with the accuracy of the sensors that can be employed right now. The current conventional sensors are far more efficient right now. Unfortunately, their current placement is horrible.

In-display sensor: Other concerns

While the technology is in action and there is the Vivo X20 Plus UD, which uses such sensors, it is quite apparent that the technology is still not perfect yet.

Samsung also has two other concerns. One was the accuracy of the sensor, since the fingerprint will always be received through a semi-transparent display i.e. an OLED display. The other concern is of course the durability of the sensor. We’ve all broken screens at some point or another.

In-display sensor: Who is working on these?

Currently Samsung LSI, Qualcomm, Synaptics, Taiwan’s IGES TEC and Korea’s Beyond Eyes are at the forefront of the development of these sensors.

Do you want a fingerprint sensor under your screen or would you prefer it being on a button the way it is now?