Why are we not funding this? LifeBand


As expats in Dubai, we all know the worry of thinking about our ageing parents back home, all alone by themselves. In such scenarios, we try not to think of something bad happening. But it can. To help in such instances, the boys from 4LifeJA in Italy have come out with the LifeBand.  Lifeband2

LifeBand is a high-tech ankle support connected to your smartphone that allows you to supervise the people you care for. This IT accessory allows you not to worry about people who suffer from movement disorders if you’re compelled to leave them alone at home, or live in another country. It could be lifesaver. As soon as its owner falls to the ground, LifeBand texts an emergency number with the GPS location of the device and calls it. The band will also have a heart rate monitor. Lifeband1

The project is still in very early development stages but is on Kickstarter to gain the funds necessary to start production. Even though the fact that it’s an ankle bracelet does have a prisoner ring to it, LifeBand does have potential.