Nokia and Disney team up to deliver cool Ozo VR


Nokia launched the Ozo virtual reality camera last year as part of a big pivoting move after selling its phone business to Microsoft. Not the only big name to go after creating a VR camera, the Ozo showed promise as Nokia positioned it as a high-end option for Hollywood filmmakers. Nokia’s dream comes to fruition as reports of a new deal with Disney surface. The tech will be used by Disney filmmakers and marketing teams to create specialised content to promote all their big-ticket movies.

Disney’s aim is to bring “extraordinary experiences to audiences around the world, and specially-created VR content is one more way we can transport people even further into the worlds our filmmakers create”, Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer for Walt Disney Studios, said in a statement announcing the news.

Disney has already used the Ozo to create wonderful experiences for The Jungle Book where you could sit in a 360-degree roundtable interview with director Jon Favreu and the film’s cast. There was another that took viewers to the red carpet of the film’s Los Angeles premiere.


These were probably testing grounds for Disney with the technology and the company must have liked what it saw — I know we did. VR and film marketing has been going on for some time now, thanks to Facebook and YouTube’s compatibility with 360-degree video. We’re now looking at a future full of VR marketing experiences that will transcend our excitement and expectations for forthcoming films. Imagine the VR goodness they can create for Star Wars Episode VIII and Marvel’s Infinity War!

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