Nokia 7 Plus with Android 9.0 Pie: A game changing update


When it comes to the Android world, software updates aren’t a strong suit. We have seen the pace at which manufacturers push updates on phones gradually improve. Yet, there is still much more to be desired. And one company who understands this is Nokia. Its mid-range Nokia 7 Plus is one of the first phones on the market to be running the newest Android 9.0 Pie. We took it for spin and here are the changes.

Gesture navigation

A big change with Android 9.0 Pie is gesture navigation. The Nokia 7 Plus implements the feature well which means you do not need to use the on-screen navigation buttons anymore.

While a concept that requires a learning curve, gesture based navigation is a joy to use

The gesture user interface is fresh but easy to learn. There is one button at the center allowing you to go to your home screen. Swiping up lets you open a drawer of your recent apps whereas swiping right lets you switch to the most recent app.

Improved user experience

Within this come many obvious and not so obvious changes. An option or a light or dark theme through the user interface is welcome. But changes to the notification panel and the volume adjustment method are little things that count. Usually, the volume buttons would lower the ringer volume by default but now, they do so for media volume.

Text selection when browsing is made easier with a magnifier

Similarly when browsing, text selection has become easier. With a magnifier handy, you do not have to be precise nor squint your eyes to see what you are selecting. In fact, the same browsing goes a long way to better understand your preferences. By using artificial intelligence, the phone can now learn about your interests and give you relevant information. Or optimize the operating system to save battery life by understanding what applications you use the most often.

The volume control for the Nokia 7 Plus is now set to media by default

With the software being bloatware free, this is the cleanest form of Android you can run on any non Google Pixel smartphone. Its responsiveness is great and day to day tasks are made even smoother now.


In a true sense, this update on the Nokia 7 Plus makes the phone feel completely different. This is the beauty of Android One and is a step that many manufacturers should adopt especially for budget smartphones. Interestingly, other Nokia phones like the new 7.1 should be getting this update very soon and we are excited to see this trend of quick and significant updates continue in the future.