Nissan SmartCar App: Review


Many of us here in the UAE spend a lot of time in our cars. Driving between home and work or even just on long drives over the weekends, one way or another our cars are huge parts of our lives. We name our cars, get exorbitant car washes to keep them clean, tint them, service them and dearly care for them because we know what they mean to us but what about when we’re away from our ‘near and dear’ cars?

Keeping these sentiments in mind, Arabian Automobiles Nissan in partnership with Etisalat had introduced the SmartCar App (with the tech currently in their Patrol and Maxima models) in November last year during the Dubai International Motor Show. The SmartCar App has been created to give you access to your car at all times wherever you might be. You can not only control basic functions of the car such a locking or unlocking but also control features such as temperature of the cabin, monitoring speed, collision warnings and such.

Arabian Automobiles sent us this beautiful Nissan Patrol, so we could take the app out for a spin. (WOW, Yeah I know right?! #TechJournoPerks).


So let’s take a look at the app. It is available on both Android and iOS. Once downloaded, you register for the service (instructions for which would be given on the day you receive your car).


Once registered you log into the app. The app can be divided in 3 different sections.

My Nissan

Map and Timeline


I’m not going to lie. When I initially got notified that Arabian Automobiles was sending us the car and app, I was pretty confident that this app will be nothing more than a gimmick to lure customers to purchase their vehicles. But I very gladly state, I was wrong.

The Nissan SmartCar app is a very well thought of and intuitive app when it comes to its functionality. The My Nissan homescreen and Timeline provide the customer with ample functions and information but it is the settings which made all the difference to me.

I got the car just at the end of winter and as we all know, when the summer hits in the UAE, it hits us hard. The car was untinted so the cabin got incredibly hot one afternoon. All I needed to do was go into the settings of the app and set the cabin (max) temperature at 33º C.

The car would automatically come on and cool the car down and switch off. Imagine you’re out the country this summer to escape the heat, then what about your beautiful new car? Well simple, you set in a specific time and day and the car will automatically switch on and cool down. This same function is even good for your car battery in the case of elongated periods of not using the vehicle.

The application uses GPS, GLONASS, and GSM M2M Technology to provide the customer with all these features. M2M is a term used for the exchange of data between machines and information technology infrastructure like between Nissan vehicles and Etisalat.


Like I mentioned at the start of this article, the app is meant to keep you in control of your vehicle even when you aren’t inside or even near it. The Nissan SmartCar app does that to perfection. All new Nissan Patrol and Maxima models will come with the SmartCar functionality preloaded.


(Images:Daanesh Kalyaniwalla)


*All upgrades can be made at the Arabian Automobiles showroom in Deira.