Nintendo Switch: what we know

The Nintendo Switch is a handheld gaming device that transforms into a console with modular removable controls... wait, what?


Last week, Nintendo finally took the wraps of its new console, the Nintendo Switch, formerly rumoured to be called the NX. The Switch is a home gaming system designed to replace the Wii U and with what it’s shown us, possibly the 3DS as well.

What’s amazing about the new console is that, in addition to providing the regular single and multiplayer experiences at home, the Switch also lets gamers play the same title wherever, whenever and with whomever. Confused? Yeah, so were we. The guys at Nintendo added the mobility of a handheld to the power of a console to enable unprecedented video game experiences and playing modes.

At home, the Switch rests in a dock that enables connectivity between the system and the TV and lets you play it like a normal console. By simply lifting it from the dock, the system instantly transforms into a portable device that gives you the same experience as the plugged-in console on the move. The portability of the Nintendo Switch is enhanced by its incredible display and Nvidia Tegra mobile processor, which brings the full system experience with you to the park, on a flight, in a car, or to a friend’s apartment.

The controllers for this crazy console are also imbibed with their own amazing lunacy. The Joy-Con controllers are on either side of the Switch. They let you play directly on the console when used together as part of the device. But as soon as you decide to go portable, you can break those controllers off, like a KitKat bar, hand one to a friend, and play a round of one of the many competitive titles that will be available, anywhere you like. However, this means each player’s controls are limited to one joystick and a handful of buttons. And if this much diversity isn’t enough, one can also play local multiplayer games using two or more Switch consoles.

We already know that the staples such as Zelda and Mario Kart will be available to play on these consoles as seen from the Switch trailer. But Nintendo has also announced a massive list of third-party developers that can only be surmised as impressive. We can expect to see quite a big line-up and a series of announcements in the months to come. Games are going to be sold on small SD card-sized memory cards or digitally and the Switch comes with a kickstand to let you place the device anywhere and continue playing.

As of now, there has been no indications on pricing and Nintendo has said not to expect announcements until we’re closer to the console’s launch date in March.


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