Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: Self-lacing shoes of the future are almost here


Remember Marty McFly? From the Back to the Future series? Remember his to-die-for hoverboard and his absolutely mind-melting self-lacing Nike sneakers? Good times.


Well, hoverboards are a thing. Have been for a while.

But we never got the shoes. And that’s about to change.

Sometime last year, Nike casually let it slip that we could expect self-lacing shoes in 2016, and it appears to be delivering. The guys from Wired had exclusive access and they gave us a closer look on how the shoes work and fit like a dream.


The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 achieves this groundbreaking feat with the touch of a button. The trainers feature nylon laces that contract or expand based on E.A.R.L, or Electro Adaptive Reactive Lacing. Once your feet are in, the auto-lacing system initiates automatically through a series of blinking lights on the back of the shoe and the bottom, where the MT² motor is. The shoe tightens until it reaches friction points on your feet and then stops. Further adjustments can be made through the + and – buttons near the tongue of the shoe. The shoes come with their own charging cable and according to Nike they need to be charged only once every 2 weeks or so, with wearers getting a full charge in 3 hours.







Nike tells us the shoes will be out on November 28th of this year and we can’t wait to sign up, since they will be available by appointment only. Pricing and availability to the masses are still unknown at this point. But with this kind of technology literally on our feet, we can expect a hefty price tag.