Next from Apple — high-end wireless headphones?


The Apple rumour mill is in obvious overdrive leading up to the big event tonight – the launch of iPhone 7. We’ve been hearing something new every day and know more or less what the iPhone 7 will be thanks to major leaks from KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo (we covered the whole thing here). It’s hardly news that the latest iPhones will be sans the 3.5mm headphone jack and we are also fairly certain that Apple will have a new version of its EarPods with a lightning connector that will come with the phone.

We now learn from Ming-chi Kuo that Apple is working on another pair of wireless headphones that will incorporate a chip designed by the company to facilitate Bluetooth-like communication. Kuo also believes that Apple will then position Beats in the mid-range market in order to avoid competing with itself.

The Beats acquisition makes a lot more sense now and this news isn’t much of a surprise, albeit a little later than expected. If trademark filings are to be believed, the new top-tier headphones from Apple will be called AirPods. Not much surprise there, either.

Considering Apple is getting into a new product line and the rumours of it being a high-end product, we can be sure it won’t be packaged with the iPhone 7 and will be sold separately.

There’s no shortage of beautifully designed wireless headphones in the market but with Apple’s design prowess and functional hardware, it’s easy to forget about other brands and fixate on what Apple has in store, for now at least.

You can watch the Apple event live tonight at 9pm here. We’ll be covering each and every juicy news coming out of San Francisco.