The Xperia Z Series has been replaced, says Sony Mobile’s CVP, Global Sales

Xperia Z

Xperia fans, we have news. There have been reports over the past few weeks about the future of the Xperia Z series. Allow us to help clear that out.

We sat down with Hirokazu Ishizuka, CVP, Global Sales Development and the Vice President, Middle East and Africa at Sony Mobiles, on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress, to chat about the company’s new products and his plans for the Middle East.

You can check out the full interview here.

During the conversation, Ishizuka confirmed what many Xperia fans feared the most. The Xperia Z Series will stand down in favour of the new, all-powerful X.

Since the new X Series has been launched, we asked if there will be any other series together with the Z and X. Ishizuka replied saying that starting from 2016, Sony Mobiles will start using the Xperia X Series all the way from premium through to the middle range.

So will it be the Z and X going forward?

“I don’t think so. The Z is going to be replaced by the X. And already you have some representations from the portfolio planning guys for the Xperia X,” said Ishizuka.

Being fans of the Z series, and having just come off a 2 month review with the Xperia Z Premium (read it here) we asked if there was a specific reason as to why Sony Mobiles made this decision.

Ishizuka replied, “I’m proud of all the evidence, the results and performance of the Xperia Z, because, globally, Japan to Asia, Europe, Middle East, it’s a really fantastic product and it really provides favourable business results. Therefore, we are very satisfied of the success of the Xperia Z series. But now in 2016, we would just like to be fresh, with new branding and the Xperia X series with which provides the best user experience.”

So what happens now?

Sony Mobiles are pushing into the IoT market. The products announced at the Mobile World Congress, the Xperia Eye, Ear and Projector are evidence of this shift.

Ishizuka says, “IOT will connect our devices to other devices and the cloud and also connect people. I’m not ready to explain the future and our plans yet, but I can say that this is just the beginning. I personally like the Xperia projector.”

So there you have it guys. The future of Xperia will feature the X Series and a whole range of yet-to-be-seen IoT tech toys. We checked out the Xperia Projector at the MWC, here’s a quick video to explain more:

…and here’s a quick peek at the new Xperia X. Gallery here.