Xiaomi brings smart Mi Air Purifier 2 to India, no word on MENA

With internal particulate matter a growing health concern in the UAE and globally, Xiaomi's new IoT-ready Air Purifier 2 can clean over 300m³ of air per hour. However, we can't yet confirm UAE availability

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2
The Mi Air Purifier 2 has a smaller footprint than an A4 sheet

Xiaomi has launched its smart Mi Air Purifier 2 in India. In a keynote speech, Global Vice-President Hugo Barra explained that the cloud-controlled device offers a clean air delivery rate of 310m³ per hour. It also monitors air quality index (AQI), humidity and temperature and users can access this data via the Mi Home app on their smartphone.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2: what’s the big deal?

In what the Chinese company best known for its smartphones calls “the smartest air purifier in the market”, an Auto mode adjusts the device’s fan speed in real time based on the AQI around it. The air purifier also features a scheduling mode – you can set it to automatically switch off from 9am-4pm and power on at 5.49pm so that you walk into a clean atmosphere at 6pm. That’s based on the example provided by Xiaomi of a 750-sq-ft one-bedroom apartment, which can have its air replaced in 11 minutes, with the bedroom itself taking just seven. You can control the fan speed of the Wi-Fi-connected Mi Air Purifier 2 through the Mi Home app (Android and iOS).

The technology powering the device includes a dual-fan engine, aerodynamic air vortex and easily replaceable 360-degree triple-layer filter in a device with a footprint 10 per cent smaller than a sheet of A4 paper. Additionally, the fan’s noise peaks at a claimed 30dB, which is as loud as a quiet rural area.

The filter is perhaps the most impressive aspect of Xiaomi’s new offering. Its cylindrical design houses three layers: a PET pre-filter that deals with dust and hair; an EPA-tested filter to catch PM2.5 (which has proven to be highly detrimental to respiratory and cardiovascular health); and an activated carbon filter to deal with the likes of ammonia, mites, bacteria, odours, smoke and formaldehyde. Barra said the filters have an average lifetime of six months, depending on usage and the quality of environment the air purifier is in. Replacement looks relatively simple: remove the back of the unit, pull out the used filter and plug in a new one in less than 30 seconds.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 will retail in India for Rs9,999 (about Dh548) – a price “aimed at disrupting the market”, said Barra. Filters will set you back Rs2,499.

The device will be available in the country from 12pm on September 26 via Mi.com. We’ve contacted Xiaomi to ask if/when we might see it in the UAE and will update you when we learn more.

There’s also a Mi Band 2 for India

Meanwhile, Barra took the occasion to also announce that the Mi Band 2 is coming to India. The fitness wearable tells you the time via an OLED display, tracks your step count and monitors your heart rate. This led Barra to deliver perhaps the cringeworthy line ever heard in a tech keynote: “It’s time… to step up your fitness”. The wearable has a 20-day battery (claimed for “moderate use”, four times that of the Fitbit Charge HR), IP67 waterproofing, dust- and sweat-resistance. It also syncs with the Mi Fit app (Android and iOS).

The Mi Band 2 is available in India from September 27 at Rs1,999, which is significantly cheaper than some prices you’ll find online in the UAE. However, the device isn’t yet officially available here, with the local website still referring you to its predecessor.