Twitter launches crescent emojis for Ramadan

twitter ramadan

In 2015, 8.4 billion impressions of tweets about Ramadan appeared on Twitter and were syndicated across the web. Ramadan is not only a religious time but also a time to share and interact with others.

Food, travel and shopping are among the most discussed topics during the holy month on Twitter.

Twitter is launching several initiatives to make Twitter more useful every day during Ramadan.

Twitter emoji for Ramadan is back. It has also extended this fun form of self-expression to Periscope too.

On Twitter, use any of the hashtags below in your tweets and you’ll see a crescent moon appear next to these terms, from today to the end of the holy month.


On Periscope, add any of the hashtags below to your broadcast title, then when people tap the screen to give love for your broadcast, the hearts will also have a crescent moon.


Twitter is partnering with Al Arabiya to provide people with a service to get iftar and imsak times. Simply tweet to @Alarabiya_Live with #امساكية and #cityname hashtags and you’ll receive a reply tweet with the timings for that day.

Finally, look out for exclusive Ramadan content using Twitter video, from Q&As with celebrities to reviews and daily recaps with leading content publishers. Follow these accounts to see fun, interesting videos about Ramadan in your Twitter timeline: