The dokiWatch keeps you connected to your children


The dokiWatch is here and it’s “the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids”. In today’s day and age, being the fastest, best, most advanced or smartest doesn’t last very long. So what makes the dokiWatch so special?

When you first glance at the dokiWatch, it looks like any other toy-ish watch. It doesn’t look as fancy as the Huawei Watch nor does it have the functionality of the Samsung Gear S2. The dokiWatch has one purpopse and one purpose only: to keep children safe and connected.

The watch has limited features but does them to perfection.

Keeping in touch

The watch gives you the ability to make calls, leave voice messages and incoming text messages to your children.

GPS location tracking

Obviously the device gives you live updates on the location of your children at all times.


An important feature in case of emergencies. The SOS button will send an alert to parents upon pressing it for three seconds. As soon as the alert is established, a 60-second recording of the child’s surroundings will be sent to preset contacts and the child’s location gets updated every 60 seconds until the emergency is cancelled.


On the app, you can set perimeters of certain areas, and the second the child crosses those areas, the app will notify the parents.

Other features

They include parental controls, an electronic pet and fitness tracking.

The dokiWatch is priced at $149 (Dh547) on Kickstarter. When it retails, it will sell at $179(Dh657). Delivery is expected in May for everyone registering now.

The device does seem relevant in terms of childcare. The design will appeal to children and functionality to parents.