TetraBIN: trash disposal made fun

Let’s be honest. No one likes taking out the trash. But it has to be done. Obviously, we’re extremely grateful to Dubai Municipality for keeping the emirate as clean as it is, but as responsible residents, we can do more. Enter TetraBIN, a fun new way to get rid of trash and getting rewarded in the process.

The makers of the bin, Sencity, want people to focus on improving their way of living and surroundings. Major cities around the world are taking huge steps in improving the quality of life for their residents, from connected bus stops to automated public transport and other measures that promote greener living. The idea that waste disposal could be a part of the process was just obvious if not overlooked.

TetraBIN is a large 3-sided trash can that comes equipped with a screen that’s wrapped around it. The screen primarily displays a side-scrolling field, where bats are flying and dogs wait around barking ‘Feed me’. The bin is activated via motion sensors that line the insides of the container, and whatever passes through shows up on the screen as chicken drumsticks. The game is also similar to Tetris, where the objective is to stack the blocks of garbage one by one. Each time a player scores, they are rewarded with points or a code that can be used on the TetraBIN website.

The point of the bin is to make putting trash away a habit. Employing it in cities could make a huge difference, as people are actually encouraged to throw their waste away, even if it’s only for a few measly points. The game could encourage people to clean up other people’s mess as well.

In between collecting trash and awarding points, TetraBIN could also be used to display interactive ads, weather information and local transport schedules depending on where they are placed. In malls, they can tell you what stores have offers and events.

It would be interesting to see this idea come to fruition at a nearby bus stop or mall.