Superbook turns your Android into a laptop


You guys do know that we’re all walking around with incredibly powerful computers in our pockets, right? The only reason casual users still own a laptop is because of its screen size and keyboard.

While products such as LG’s Rolly and Microsoft’s Continuum are slowly starting to change that, San Francisco-based Andromium dived in head first with the Superbook.

Before the hardcore geeks jump down our throats, yes Motorola did experiment with something similar about five years ago with the LapDock and some could argue that Asus’ Padfone is a similar concept and looks way cooler.

However, the LapDock started at $500 (Dh1,836) and if you’re about to Google the Padfone now – well, I rest my case.

What’s really impressive about the Superbook is that it is essentially a laptop shell that plugs into your Android smartphone and expands your smartphone’s interface into a full-fledged desktop.

The best part of the Superbook is that it starts at $99 and is future-proof. When you upgrade to a new Android smartphone, all you have to do is plug in your new device and the Superbook mirrors your phone.

The founders set a $50,000 goal and as of right now, more than a million dollars has been pledged towards the Superbook.

A few of its many features include a multi-touch trackpad, over eight hours of battery, and the ability to charge your phone. Check out the video below from Andromium.

If you want to get your hands on one, it’s easy, head here and back the project. Drop $99 on the Superbook Basic and sit back until February 2017.