Snapchat rolls out massive UI update

On Tuesday, Snapchat started rolling out its UI design updates across various devices. The new UI changes are evident in the Stories and the Discover pages. This is made possible with the addition of navigation buttons that allow users to jump from one page to another with ease.

Snapchat update 2The update aims to boost the views of publishers’ content, further fuelling Snapchat’s only revenue method – advertising. Users can now subscribe to their favourite publishers, where partners such as ESPN, BuzzFeed, The Daily Mail and others post content on a near daily basis.

Snapchat has added a preview of sorts for publishers in the Discover section as well. This encourages viewers to open their sections to know what else is on offer from the publishers. The changes also bring some significant visual additions to the UI and even intuitiveness to an otherwise flat app.

What do you think of the update? Yay or nay?