Say goodbye to Picasa

Picasa, which is Google’s photo sharing and storing website since 2004, is finally about to be shut down. Google had stopped updating the website a while ago, so this didn’t come as the most surprising news.

Just in case you hadn’t already moved to Google Photos or any other photo service, do so quickly. Google obviously suggests you move to Photos since the company would like to focus its efforts on one service across both platforms, mobile and desktop.

Don’t worry about how to move your data from Picasa Web Albums to Photos; Google has already done that for you. When you log on to Google Photos, your web albums from Picasa are preloaded and you can download, share and organise your images and videos all in the same location. In case, you want to switch to another service you can do so from your web albums as Picasa will be creating a space for all web album data. You will not be able to edit or organise it but will be able to download all your images.

Google is implementing these changes on May 1. As of March 15, the company will stop all support for the Picasa Desktop application. The application won’t stop working but Google won’t develop it and some features on the API will be deactivated. You can learn more about those changes here.