Samsung’s rink previewed, and it looks goooodd!

A few days after Samsung announced its three concept items, the South Korean electronics giant shows us how Rink will work. Rink is Samsung’s motion controllers for the Gear VR headset. Motion controllers are the obvious next step in the world of VR. Oculus, PlayStation and HTC have all announced releases for this year.

Here’s their preview below:

The video description translates as:

Samsung C lab development challenges Rink is Samsung VR and interlocking gears, hand-operated controllers. Hand operation via a sensor worn on the hand may move the virtual reality contents, you can click or drag. CES 2016 showcase scene of demonstrations scheduled in the arena rink, Meet video!


VR already is a technology with endless possibilities and implementations. Adding motion controllers to that just makes the experience absolutely breathtaking. Imagine being able to type on a virtual keyboard (as shown below) or scroll through menus like Tom Cruise in 2003’s dystopian sci-fi thriller Minority Report.

Samsung Rink Keyboard

Details such as price and shipping dates should be available at CES 2016 this week. Keep your eyes on us for live updates from the Las Vegas event.

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