Samsung’s next endeavour is for two-wheel enthusiasts

Samsung has time and again proved that it’s always trying to expand its business in all areas of technology. This is highly useful in an environment where Samsung seems to be overwhelmed by competition.

Its latest endeavour is, simply put, a display for motorcyclists. The Smart Windshield makes staying in touch and navigation easier for the rider. First and foremost, once you connect to the Smart Windshield it can automatically respond to your texts and emails stating that you are riding and will get back whenever possible. Secondly, navigation is made much easier with simple directions for the rider. Thirdly, notifications pop up on the display for the rider to see.

People are already up in arms saying this is not a good idea and it would be very distracting for the rider, but considering that BMW and other brands are trying to incorporate something similar in helmets, it is clear the industry believes there is a demand for such products that help riders be safe.

Personally, I think it’s much better to have something like the Smart Windsheild for riders than information popping up right before their face. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.