Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a no-go on UAE Airlines

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 investigation

Haven’t returned your Galaxy Note 7 yet and you’re travelling for the EID weekend? Well that might be a bit of an issue.

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) today, banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices from being used, charged or carried in luggage on board UAE carriers. The announcement was made by Saif Al Suwaidi, GCAA Director General.

“As advised by the UAE GCAA, Emirates can confirm that with immediate effect it will advise customers not to turn on or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones during flights or stow them in checked baggage due to concerns over the phone’s fire-prone batteries,” an Emirates spokesman said.“Emirates apologises for the inconvenience caused, however the safety of our ‎customers and crew is of utmost priority.”

A Note 7 goes boom! Source: Baidu
A Note 7 goes boom! Source: Baidu

The news comes after the Federal Aviation Authority (U.S.), Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India) and even airlines such as Singapore Airlines banned the same.

Reports about exploding and burning Note 7 devices plagues the news last week, leading the one of the biggest smartphone recalls ever. Samsung recalled all 2.5 million devices and it is estimated this recall will cost them a ‘heartbreaking’ $1 billion (Dh3.675 billion).

What do you think? Is the Note name tarnished forever? Do you think we’ll ever be this excited to see a new Note?