Samsung foldable smartphone launching in 2017?

Samsung foldable smartphone concept

Foldable screen concepts have been around a while thanks to LG, Sharp and Samsung. Some have even toyed with foldable smartphone concepts but without promising anything coming to market any time soon. Samsung has taken the lead on this since last year’s Project Valley rumours and its patent filing for a foldable tablet. Could we actually see a Samsung foldable smartphone next year?

These murmurs from Samsung have been in the works for some time now but Android Community is reporting fresh speculation about Samsung launching a foldable device, not just a phone, as early as 2017 with a prototype being shown this year to get everyone’s wallets ready. The device in question could be a five-inch phone that can fold out to seven inches, which sounds exactly like the patent filed last year.

Samsung is also rumoured to be working with multiple partners in South Korea and abroad in order to make a working foldable phablet. The company has sure been taking its time on this project, which is a good thing as we can expect a polished final product on our hands.

A foldable smartphone and tablet is definitely the innovation injection the market requires after stagnated year-over-year growth. We’ll been keeping a keen eye on Samsung as always for any further developments.