Will Samsung contract a new battery supplier for the Galaxy S8?

Will Murata take charge of Samsung's flagship batteries in the future?

Note 7 Battery

The ill fate of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still fresh in our memory. After the huge fiasco, it looks certain the company will bid adieu to one of its battery manufacturers. According to a new report, the South Korean firm is in talks with Japanese supplier Murata Manufacturing to supply batteries for its upcoming flagship smartphone.

These reports come only a few days after Samsung made the results of the Galaxy Note 7 investigation public. Following the report, Samsung has blamed the battery as the root cause of the problem. Additionally, the investigation also gives way to a new 8-point battery testing system the company will implement for future smartphones.

Samsung relied on two suppliers for the Note 7’s batteries last year. The company’s own affiliate Samsung SDI was one of them with the other being China’s Amperex Technology. With Samsung unlikely to ditch its own affiliate, unnamed sources in the report claim Murata would be likely to replace Amperex if talks are successful.

This step does not come as a major surprise. After suffering terribly from last year’s much-hyped Note 7, Samsung would want to take every precaution it can for the upcoming Galaxy S8. The firm will be fully aware that even the slightest of flaws will be scrutinised.

While many of us expected Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S8 at MWC this month, this will not be the case. However, the company may release a teaser video for the handset at the convention. Current rumours point to a late March release for the flagship with sales set to begin in the middle of April.