S7 Active releases but only few have access to it

Samsung S7 Active Greem Camo

After loads of rumours and leaks, AT&T in the United States gets its hands exclusively on the Galaxy S7 Active. With every flagship phone, Samsung launches an Active version that’s tough as nails in comparison to most phones out there.

The S7 Active not only packs a tough outer shell but also comes with an equally impressive interior. A Snapdragon 820 chipset powers the device with 4GB of RAM supporting it and 32GB expandable storage. The display is a quaint 5.1-inch QHD that’s shatter-resistant thanks to an additional layer of polycarbonate. It also packs in a whopping 4,000mAh battery and has a fingerprint sensor as part of the home button, which is normal fare for Samsung Galaxy phones but a first for its Active devices.

Samsung S7 Active Desert Camo
Samsung S7 Active Desert Camo

You would expect a phone with this level of toughness and battery to be thicker than usual but the phone looks sleek with an added bumper that takes care of most of the protection. The Galaxy S7 Active launches on June 10 with AT&T and as always will only be available in the US.

Officially the Active series doesn’t see the daylight on our side of the world, but people in the UAE buy it from online stores . If you’ve read our review (do check it out to see an example of how rugged this device can get) of the S6 Active, you’ll know that we absolutely loved it and can’t wait to get our hands on this one as well.