What in the world is the Recon Jet?

The Recon Jet is an intelligent display and a smart eyewear system for the new breed of techie-fitness fanatics. The Jet is developed by Recon Instruments, a Canadian technology company that manufacturers smartglasses and heads-up displays for sports.

Recon’s first heads-up display was released commercially in October 2010, that’s about a year and a half before Google’s Glass. The company was then acquired by Intel in June 2015.

f90849956fc10731b322e2a961db57a2-d8ret0nBeing a massive fan of DragonBall Z, and Vegeta’s Scouter (pictured on the left) I loitered around until I managed to try on the thing.

I do look like I’m totally zoning out in the video below, but I’m actually flipping through the menu.

The Jet projects a tiny screen towards the bottom right of your right eye. Then, through the magic world of connected sensors – it picks up data based on your activity and pulls up real-time stats.

It also features Glass Detection tech, that allows the screen to wake up instantly as soon as you glance down and turns off when you look away.

The Jet can also display texts and caller ID and can connect to you social media accounts. Another interesting feature is Jet Maps that not only helps you navigate but also shows your nearby friends in real time.

Here’s what the engineers behind the Recon Jet have to say:

The Jet is available right now for US499 on their online store.