Parrot uses its Pots in support of reforestation in Ethopia

Parrot Pot
Parrot Pot will retail for Dh599 from October 20. Flowers sold seperately

n today’s day and age, one and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. It is said that there won’t be any forests on earth within a 100 years. To combat such alarming numbers, Parrot is coming together with the WeForest project to increase reforestation on lands affected by agriculture and deforestation in Ethopia.

1 Parrot Pot = 1 tree

Parrot recently released the Parrot Pot. The device is a smart pot that automatically waters plants while measuring and analysing the parameters critical to their growth. It’s a wireless device for indoor or outdoor use. The Pot has a 2.2-litre water reserve and an irrigation system with four separate spouts.

Parrot Pot
The 2.2-litre Parrot Pot has sensors for moisture, fertilizer, light and temperature


Parrot is calling the operation “1 Parrot = 1Tree” while supporting the WeForest project in the region of Tigray, in northern Ethopia. The objectives are to restore a forest on a non-productive land protected from agricultural practices and grazing. The project will also fight against the harmful effects of the climate change and to get the local population involved in the long term.

Parrot says the discussions with the local populations were crucial because they ensure their involvement in the long term and their commitment to the project with the management of the nurseries, forestry activities or the construction of water conservation structures in the plantation area.


The Parrot Pot is available in the UAE for Dh599 and in Slate Gray, Brick, Porcelain white colours. Click here for further details on the product.