Star rating system given a thumbs down by Netflix

People are more likely to rate with thumbs than stars

Netflix star rating

Netflix spent last year doing a massive A/B testing with hundreds of thousands of users. The test was to see if a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system was preferred to the traditional star rating system. The result of the test showed that thumbs got 200 per cent more uses than the stars.

Netflix found that users were far more likely to rate a title with thumbs than stars

Along with the thumbs system, Netflix is also introducing a per cent-match feature that shows how well-matched a TV show or movie is for a specific user. Content that would fit perfectly for a user would get a 98 per cent match, whereas a 50 per cent match wouldn’t be shown to that user at all.

Netflix star rating
The stars you’ve given to content till date will still be used to deliver automatically curated content

The star system will be taken off Netflix’s UI but will continue to dictate user personalisation. There was a point when Netflix had more than ten billion five star rating entries. More than half of its members had rated more than 50 titles each. What Netflix realised over time was that a star rating may not be as relevant as other signals. Users were rating documentaries with five stars and sillier movies with three stars but would end up watching these silly movies way more than documentaries.

You can expect to see the thumbs in an imminent update.