Microsoft to buy SwiftKey for $250 million

SwiftKey Windows 10 keyboard Word Flow

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard app, is being bought over by Microsoft for around $250 million (Dh918.75 million), according to a Financial Times report. Both companies haven’t confirmed this yet, but it is said an announcement is due later this week.

SwiftKey was launched in 2010 on Android and came to iOS in 2014 with the addition of app extensions and customisation in iOS 8. SwiftKey allows users a massive degree of control over their keyboards, with themes, sizes, vibrations and, most importantly, predictive text synced between devices. It was initially a paid app and then became free with in-app purchases.

AI the key

Windows 10 mobiles already have the fantastic Word Flow, which raises the question of why Microsoft would make such a move. The report states that the Redmond-based tech giant is actually interested in SwiftKey’s AI technology used in the keyboard. The applications of this AI would be massive for Microsoft in a broad range products apart from its own mobile keyboard.