Meet the Frodo Camera – the intelligent action cam out of India

Frodo Camera

The world needs something like NexGear’s Frodo. And if all goes to plan with the company’s Indiegogo Campaign that’s launching soon, there is no doubt that it will meet and supersede its goal.

Check it out. Frodo is a strap-on camera that allows users to edit hours of footage into short sharable clips almost instantly. The best part is that as you continue to use it – it learns your story-telling style due to some sort of algorithm (that I have no idea about) and evolves its offerings over time into video clips that you will love to share.

Frodo has a recording time of 1.5 hours at full HD and shoots at 1080p video with a resolution of 8MP. It also boasts of the fastest boot-to-shoot time of 0.7 seconds that’s always ready to capture even the most unexpected in every adventure. The device is also dustproof, shockproof and waterproof.

Frodo will be available in three options – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB and at a suggested retail price of between $200 to $300.

Frodo Camera Gallery:

In the near future, your Frodo will allow you to choose from 5 editing styles.

  • Genius – Comprehensive stories which evolve to your liking and preferences.
  • Action – Fast-paced, adrenaline driven stories.
  • Calm – Serene and soft video stories.
  • People – Stories centred on capturing faces.
  • 15 secs – Quick, shareable 15 second Instagram videos.

For more information on Frodo click this link.