Now you’ll be able to order your eBay products through Noon

According to reports, UAE’s very own has partnered up with eBay to build a new partnership allowing customers in UAE and Saudi to order products from the US-based website. 

How does it work? 

Noon will be fulfilling the orders placed by consumers. The ‘Noon powered by eBay’ service will be available by the second half of 2018 on its dedicated app, and via mobile and desktop.

You will also be able to return products to Noon in case of any dissatisfaction, obviously based on the terms and conditions. 

The competition

After the wide success of Amazon’s Global Store on, this only seemed like the next best move for Noon. Amazon bought over in a giant acquisition last year while Noon struggled with its launch around the same time.

Getting products not available in the local market without the stress of an international order has piqued users interest all over the region. What do you think? Will you be ordering from eBay when this service launches?