9 apps you need to check out this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. There are many apps available for download to help users with their daily Ramadan activities. Here are a few you can use.

  1. Muslim Pro: The iOS and Android app is one of the most accurate prayer and Azan apps available. It will notify you with the correct fasting time as the prayer time calculator is based on your location.
  2. iPray: This app gives you the prayer timings and Qibla compass on the same screen. Its easy-to-read display will provide you with Islamic prayers no matter where you are in the world. Don’t miss a single prayer with alerts that remind you when it’s about to begin. Available for Dh3.99 on Android, this app is worth investing in.
  3. Quran Explorer: This app lets you carry your Quran with you wherever you go using the iOS and Android. You can search and read through the entire text on your smartphones. It even offers the translated English version and good quality audio for download.
  4. Sun n Moon: Taking into account the Global Positioning System (GPS) data from the smartphone, this app accurately calculates the timing of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset to help users follow their practices accordingly.
  5. MakeMyTrip: Ramadan is a great time to plan a trip as many hotels around the country offer great deals. This app helps you find and book exclusive deals and offers on the best flights and hotels.
  6. UberEats: Too lazy to eat out? Here’s a new online delivery app that helps you explore restaurants. You can order meals from your favourite take-away places with ease and eat it in the comfort of your home.
  7. Ramadan Legacy: The 30-day interactive planner lets you document each day’s Ramadan experience and then share it with your friends and families. It combines the latest technology with a beautiful interface to help you enhance your annual Ramadan experience by documenting it. The app available for download on iOS and Android. 
  8. Instashop: Too lazy to step outside to buy groceries? This app will deliver right to your doorstep in just three clicks. The app promises to deliver in less than 30-60 minutes depending on your location. If you can’t find your area on the app, you can request for it. It’s available for free download on iOS and Android.
  9. Lose It!: It’s incredibly hard to exercise during Ramadan because of the UAE’s extreme summer heat and also the fatigue caused by fasting. Lose It! can help monitor your calories and keep track of the food you’re eating. It will motivate you to make healthier food choices. The app is available for free download across all app stores.