Line lets you call 200 people at once


Line, the popular Tokyo-based messenger service, is set to bring voice calls to group chats that will allow you to talk to 200 people simultaneously.

“Calls can be initiated from within group chats or multiple person chats, and a notification message will be sent to all of the users participating in the chat. The number of people currently participating in the call can also be confirmed from within the chat. An icon is displayed above the user icon of the person currently speaking at the time, enabling users to easily communicate with each other.”


When will we be on the Line?

Roll-outs will take place in all countries except Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. These countries constitute the highest user base of the app and will require phased updates. The Mac app will also be updated later.

The messenger service has made a name for itself through colourful manga-style emoji characters. It started out with a WhatsApp-like OS, but has since added offerings similar to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Line pulls in revenue from its store. Here, it sells animated emoji stickers, themes, and even in-house-developed games that feature its own characters.