Will there be a Jet White iPhone 7?

Did Apple leak a Jet White variant of the iPhone 7 by mistake?

Jet White iPhone 7

When it first released, the Jet Black iPhone 7 made headlines. But many of us wished Apple made a white version of the same finish. Now, reports have emerged from Japan about the same, fueled by renowned tipster Sonny Dickson. He showed us a third party’s take on the Jet White iPhone 7 line-up.

The other day, those expecting the Jet White iPhone caught a glimpse of it. On Beats’ Instagram account, a black Studio Wireless Beats by Dre headphone set was teased alongside the supposed Jet White iPhone 7. The device appeared to be glossy and contrasted the black of the Beats headphone and the passport behind it. While people believed Apple made a mistake, it’s not quite the case.

Does this look Jet White to you?

AppleInsider ran some Photoshop tests and discovered that the iPhone in question is actually silver. The usage of one of Instagram’s filters makes it appear to be white. Well, there go our hopes.

If you’ve wanted to see a Jet Black iPhone, the wait might have to extend until Apple release a future model. Considering we’re already in 2017, it’s only another nine months or so before the next iPhone takes over. And knowing the soaring demand for the Jet Black iPhone 7, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a Jet White option next year.

There’s also the possibility of Apple going down the marble finish route. As this year marks the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, the company will want to revolutionise its product again. For all we know, the marble finish could be the rumored Jet White finish we are excited over. Whatever may be the case, it looks certain that a white iPhone will grace us next year with its presence. While we’re excited about the prospect, what is your take on it? Are you the type who flaunts the colour of their phone or covers it with a case? Let us know below.