Jacky’s opens Mobile Clinic for full device coverage

Jacky's Mobile Clinic

From the second you’ve bought a smart phone or laptop or any gadget, you’ve got certain issues that you need help with. This could be anything from the initial set-up process to transferring data from your old device or even arranging an extra year’s warranty against damage. How does a Mobile Clinic sound?

One of the UAE’s largest retailers is coming to your rescue. Jacky’s Electronics is beginning to offer post purchase services such as an extended warranty, device protection plan and a Mobile Clinic. The aim is to ensure that customers have all the help they need after purchasing a device.

The Mobile Clinic will be available in Dubai Mall and Sharjah City Centre. The idea is to have a one-stop shop for all issues relating to software, hardware, damage and replacement of devices. The services are not limited to customers of Jacky’s only; they can be devices purchased from anywhere.

Consumers will be assisted on new purchases, how to make the best of the gadgets with installation of software, and safe transfer of data to new gadgets from old ones.