iPhone SE: What we know so far

iphone se

Apple is set to uncover a new device tomorrow. And here’s what we know about it so far. The device is expected to hit the market on March 25th.

Reports from Bloomberg suggest the new device might even cost the same as the 5S, which Apple continues to sell for a base price of $450, $200 less than the latest iPhone 6S.

Analysts suggest the new device could retail between $400 and $500 (Dh1,470-Dh1,800). Furthermore, the price of the older iPhone 5S could take a drastic hit as soon as the new device is announced.

We have been in touch with Apple UAE for launch info and confirmed pricing for the new device here in the region and will update you guys as soon as we know more.

So let’s dive in. Apple has broken away from its typical September launch schedule with the latest device – most probably called the iPhone SE. The SE could stand for special edition. Though we’re not quite sure what could be so special about it.

The iPhone will be a 4-inch device, and if it is indeed a Special Edition, there could be loads of Apple collectors who would pick it up regardless.

The phone is rumoured to be the same size as the 2013 iPhone 5S that measured 123.8×58.6×7.6mm and weighed about 112g.

iphone se

Let’s not forget that Apple could possibly debut a new colour as well. Since the rose gold did so well, with both women and men alike, Apple will be unleashing pink. Yes Pink. Notice the colours of Apple’s press invite above.

Fanboys 9to5mac also speculate that the SE (if that is its real name) would basically be identical to the 5S with matte edges, a 12MP camera and the ability to shoot in 4K.

Together with the 6S’ 12MP rear camera, the device could feature an upgraded A9 processor and downgraded NFC functionalities – downgraded to the extent that it might not even feature in the phone.

MacRumours has also pointed out that the components that support 3D Touch are missing in the new handset.

If the device doesn’t actually evoke any emotion within your tech soul or has started to depress you a little bit, worry not. These are still rumours for now. Besides, we will see the iPad Air 3, a possible mini iPad Pro and Apple Watch accessories unleashed as well.

Yay (?).