iPhone 7 rumours and leaks reveal awesome new features

iPhone 7 dual camera
Apple has taken note of the success LG and HTC have had with a dual-camera set-up, and the iPhone 7 is expected to have the same

Whenever an Apple launch is around the corner, just around the bend are Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions for the devices being launched. Kuo, who is widely regarded as the best Apple analyst on the planet, is a KGI Securities analyst. This year he has revealed what he thinks are the 15 major changes coming to both the iPhones.


The document obtained by AppleInsider, contains the following list:

  1. The iPhone 7 Plus and 7 will not have the same cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus will come with two 12MP cameras on the back, one being a wide-angle lens while the other will be a telephoto lens. The iPhone 7 will come with the an upgraded version of the current lens.
  2. The camera flashes are being doubled from two to four.
  3. Upgrades on the camera sensors for better low light photography.
  4. 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options will step in place of the current 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options.
  5. Performance on the devices will be boosted by approximately 20-30 per cent thanks to new A10 processors.
  6. RAM also takes a bump on both devices. The iPhone 7 will come with a 2GB RAM but the iPhone 7 Plus will offer 3GB for the dual-camera setup.
  7. True Tone displays feature on the new iPhones. The displays come with the same laser-based proximity sensors seen in the iPad Pro range.
  8. The one rumour that has been around for almost a year is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This seems to be confirmed too.
  9. Lightning EarPods and a 3.5mm headphone – Lightning converter will be in the box.
  10. Audio in the phones is getting upgraded too. A second external speaker and an amplifier are part of the rumour mill too.
  11. The devices will come with basic IPX7 water resistance. So a splash or a drop in pool and your device will still be OK.
  12. Last year’s introduced feature, 3D Touch, is to be upgraded too. 3D Touch 2.0 will come with more distinct haptic feedback.
  13. The Home button won’t ‘click’ anymore. It too will offer haptic feedback.
  14. Antenna bands will be moved for the first time for a cleaner back on the devices.
  15. While 2016 will see the death of space gray as an option, two new colours join the regime: dark black and piano black.

Here’s a 3D render of the iPhone 7 as per TechConfigurations.