iPhone 7 dropped from Burj Khalifa in viral video

Because internet fame

With every new iPhone comes a bevy of self-professed techies who want to do ridiculous tests on the phone to see how much damage it can take and how far they can push the hardware because in some super subtle way, Apple’s marketing must challenge the world to buy its product and torture it like a terrorist would James Bond. Drop tests are one of the most popular because of our affinity to drop our phones so often.

However, we can’t imagine what dropping the iPhone 7 Plus 148 floors is supposed to prove.

In a viral video that’s been picked up by all major publications local and abroad, Ukrainian vlogger Tech Rax has uploaded a two-minute video of him starting at the Dubai Mall fountains and introducing viewers to the Burj Khalifa. He then goes up to the 148th floor’s viewing deck and tosses the phone off because this is what internet fame looks like folks. At the time of writing, the video has more than 2.6 million views on YouTube.

The vlogger says “security is 24/7 so I may not be able to find the phone after”. Apart from the idiocy of his act, safety is a concern a lot of viewers have expressed. For everyone that’s been to the Dubai Mall fountain, over where the phone was dropped, you know there’s a lot of walking space apart from the water body so if the phone made it all the way down, it could have seriously injured someone before smashing to the ground. On the other hand the phone could have bounced off the Burj Khalifa itself while making its way down at great speed and seriously damage the structure.


Emaar hasn’t put out a statement yet but be sure of added security to make sure nothing of the sort happens again. It may be easy for some to throw more than Dh3,000 off the world’s tallest tower, but what most don’t realise is the dire consequences this action could result in. An object hurtling towards the ground from such a height gathers up a massive amount of terminal velocity and endangers anyone or anything in its path.