Interactive graffiti at World Art Dubai

Canon Interactive Graffiti
The interactive graffiti at World Art Dubai is made possible through laser tracking

At first glance, you might not associate an event like World Art Dubai with technology. Well, you’d be wrong. The event, running until Saturday at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), features an exhibition of interactive graffiti art hosted by Canon.

Banksy wannabes can head down to DWTC, pick up a specially designed spray can and splatter their creativity across a blank canvas, with works of art displayed on a big screen.

The interactive wall works through a laser tracker connected to the can. It picks up the spray’s movement when you press a button. A PC replicates the tracker signal on a projection screen, which is connected to Instagram and the hashtag #mygraffitiart.
Canon has also provided a Selphy CP1000 printer, on which you can print out your own interactive graffiti ‘masterpieces’ after completion. Alternatively, you can send images to yourself by email.

Canon interactive graffiti
Err… practice makes perfect, kid!

In addition to interactive graffiti, there’s also a mosaic wall that uses Instagram pictures to make up the pixels of a larger image. Visitors can express themselves and become artists for the day, colouring in the “Dubai skyline”.

“Canon supports those in the creative field both as part of our business as well as our corporate social responsibility,” says Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director, Canon Middle East. “We aim to provide them new insights into the advances in digital technology and thus strengthen their skills.”

This is a rapidly growing space. According to the Japanese company, the graphic arts market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be worth an estimated €40 billion (about Dh167.4 billion) by 2018.

Canon has been making a name for itself in the printing and photography spaces for some time now. Last year, we profiled some of the cooler gear showcased at its Expo event in Paris.

The company is Official Imaging Partner at World Art Dubai.