Instagram goes live in the US

Instagram users will soon be able to broadcast live videos up to one hour long, without fear of trolls. But we've seen this before... *cough* Periscope *cough*cough* Snapchat

Instagram live

Instagram last month announced the launch of its live video function. Well, the wait now seems to be over for users of the app. Instagram’s live video functionality is available on Android and iOS, but only in the US. 

Swipe to the Stories camera and go to the Live mode to begin broadcasting. A broadcaster can choose to have user comments on or off with broadcasts up to an hour long. When a user goes live on Instagram, only select followers will be notified, unlike how Facebook notifies all followers. The notifications are sent to followers who interact with the user’s media the most. Trolls can easily be reported and blocked from viewing your broadcasts as well. It’s good to see the product team has taken into consideration the possibility of harassment incurred by Instagram’s large user base.

There’s no news on when other regions of the world, including the UAE, will see this feature but knowing Instagram it shouldn’t be too far off.