Honor teams with Marvel Studios for Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange Honor

Global smartphone brand Honor announced its collaboration with Marvel Studios on its highly anticipated movie, Doctor Strange, in which Honor’s cutting-edge phone will be featured. The partnership will extend beyond the appearance of the Honor’s device in the movie to include a series of co-promotional online and offline campaigns.

The tie-up with Marvel is the latest in a string of creative and dynamic marketing initiatives led by Honor specifically tailored for millennials. Honor pursues opportunities to connect with millennials through a wide array of partnerships that span the worlds of music, cinema, gaming and extreme sports. The shared focus on global users and customers’ emotional attachment that both brands enjoy make the partnership a natural fit.

“We really want to bring our brand to life in ways that appeal to millennials. We are excited to partner with a global brand such as Marvel, which will inspire viewers the world over, in much the same way that Honor aims to empower and inspire its customers,” said Steven Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of Honor.

“Marvel is excited about the partnership with Honor,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s Senior VP of Global Partnerships. “Millennials are obviously a key demographic group for us, and partnering with Honor allows us to stay at the forefront of technology and to experiment with avenues through which we can reach out to them.”

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, tells the story of world famous neurosurgeon Dr Stephen Strange who, in his quest for healing after a horrific car accident, finds powerful magic in a mysterious place.

Doctor Strange emerged as a natural candidate for a partnership with Honor. The values the title character exhibits – resolve, courage to chart his own course – and the particular relationship he enjoys with technology make him a fitting ambassador for Honor, which strives to empower the digital natives through technology. Marvel’s rich ecosystem of colourful, tech-savvy and inspirational characters proved the perfect backdrop to showcase Honor’s technology, which inspires users the world over to dream big, stay young at heart, and be brave – as encapsulated by its For the Brave tagline.

Honor 8, its latest flagship phone, crystallizes this vision. With its advanced dual-lens camera system, fingerprint sensor with a programmable Smart Key, and premium, light-reflecting layered glass design, the smartphone extends the realm of possibilities for consumers. Honor 8 is available in sapphire blue, pearl white, and midnight black.

Doctor Strange will start screening in the UAE from tomorrow.