Google Pixel costs the same as Emirates Business Class ticket in India

You read that right! Right now you can buy a Business Class Emirates Airlines ticket from Mumbai, India to Dubai, UAE for as much as its going to cost to buy the Google Pixel.

The Silicon Valley giant announced the new phones yesterday. They are the first phones to be designed inside and out by Google. Prices for the UAE are not yet available, but prices in India have now been officially announced.

A lot of people – both here and overseas – have been waiting for these prices and these are really not going to help Google’s cause.

The 32GB Pixel variant comes at a price tag of Rs57,000 (Dh3,145.69), with the 128GB model costing Rs66,000 (Dh3,642.37). The larger Pixel XL, on the other hand, will cost Rs67,000 (around Dh3,697.56)  for the 32GB variant and Rs76,000 (Dh4,194.25) for the 128GB model.

Emirates Business Class ticket VS Google PixelBy comparison, a Business-Class ticket from Mumbai to Dubai starts at Rs57,490 for October 6th 2016.

“Pixel users will have access to a toll free phone support number along with 54 walk in service centres across 30+ cities in India,” Google said in a blog post.

The Pixels – in Quite Black and Very Silver colour choices – will be available on pre-order in India starting October 13 with retailers including Flipkart, Chroma (which was already shown in the Keynote), Reliance digital, and so on.

We’re waiting breathlessly to see if Dubai prices match up!