Official Google Pixel 2 announcement on October 4

Date confirmed for Android powerhouse's launch next month

With a simple video that shows a series of smartphone-related questions being typed into its search box, Google has revealed the launch date of the Pixel 2, its next flagship device.

October 4 is just one day ahead of the date rumoured for the device’s launch. It also marks exactly a year since the original Pixel, the first Google-branded smartphone, was announced. The Pixel 2 will launch in two iterations in devices manufactured by Android phone-makers HTC and LG.

Pixel 2 XL
Google’s Pixel 2 XL retains the dual-tone rear of the original

As with the recently announced iPhone X, there are unlikely to be many surprises with the Pixel 2. We’ve seen a regular stream of leaks from the likes of Android Police, Evan Blass and various other sources over the past few months.

The larger LG-built model is expected to feature a display not too dissimilar from this year’s G6. Meanwhile, the smaller HTC-made device is said to include the Taiwanese brand’s squeezable sides technology used in the U11. The Pixel 2 will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or even 836 processor.

This being a Google-branded device, it will be first in line to receive updates to the latest Android OS. According to a recent FCC filing, the smartphone will launch with Android O out of the box.

We were fans of the first Pixel and can’t wait to see what its successor brings to the table. Here’s hoping the Pixel 2 doesn’t suffer the same availability issues outside the US as its predecessor did — the original Pixel never officially launched in the UAE.