Android ad celebrates diversity

Google’s Android is known for enabling various brands to have a broad range of products suiting needs or requirements that every individual person might have. It is this diversity that Android celebrates in its most recent ad, called Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The ad shows a ‘googley’-eyed paper student walking towards his paper peers, only to face rejection and bullying. He ends up forming an unlikely friendship with a scissor instead. Paper and Scissor are then shown walking down the street to see a stone kid being bullied by a pair of larger stones. Paper and Scissor stand up for the little stone and chase the bullies away. The ad ends with “be together. not the same”, Google’s latest buzz phrase.

See for yourself and let us know what you think.

Socially conscious Android

This isn’t the first time Android has used positive social values to shape the narrative of its ads. Its Fingerprints commercial from January was a message against isolation.

Sweetness is the order of the day as the brand attempts to align its marketing mix with the tasty treats it names each major OS update after.

Watch the Fingerprints commercial below: