Garmin’s latest luxury smartwatch seems tailor-made for the Middle East

A solid name in the wearables industry, Garmin has a slew of products from activity trackers to smartwatches, along with an analog watch with activity features. The latest product out of its gates is the Fenix Chronos, a beautifully designed smartwatch that wants to take on the luxury market with a host of features and a sleek and sturdy design. It caters to a discerning health-conscious crowd who love their gadgets to be draped in luxury. Given the market for luxury products in the UAE, it’s expected to do well in the country and the wider region.


The Fenix Chronos comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and a durable metal housing. It monitors your heart rate, tracks your sleep and steps and has a calorie counter. It is able to track activities such as biking, golf and even open-water swimming. Other features include a barometer, compass, a full-colour and always-on display that’s easily readable in the sunlight thanks to OLED backlighting. Garmin claims the battery can give you 25 hours in battery-saving mode, 13 hours with GPS enabled and a week in smartwatch mode. The watch can be paired with your phone and receives all the relevant notifications you would expect.

Garmin has managed to bake in a lot of features for a large variety of users, lending the hefty starting price of $899 (Dh3,302) a bit of credence above just the luxury factor.


The Garmin Fenix Chronos has launched in the US in three variations: steel casing with a leather band for $899 (Dh3,302), steel casing with a stainless steel band for $999 (Dh3,669) and a premium titanium casing with a titanium band for $1,499 (Dh5,505).

There is no word yet on when we can expect a UAE launch but it should be sooner than later considering the local appetite for premium luxury tech devices.