Fossil techs up at Baselworld

Fossil Baselworld
Fossil Q Wander.

Following Fossil’s announcement in January that the company will launch more than 100 wearables this year, they went ahead and announced its latest activity trackers, smarter analog watches and slimmer Android Wear smartwatches at the 2016 Fossil Global Exposition that coincides with Baselworld in Switzerland.

The announcement adds the a next-gen activity tracker Q Motion that features sleep tracking, water resistance and smart tap technology. Also announced are slimmer Android Wear watches (Q Marshal and Q Wander respectively); and a smarter analog watch.

These devices will become available to customers between early summer and fall 2016.

Fossil Q Wander & Q Marshal – powered by Android Wear

Fossil took on customer feedback (good on you Fossil) and slimmed down the devices, the cases are now 44mm and 46mm, and have a silicone strap option.

Both smartwatches are powered by Android Wear and features no exposed pins or connectors. Users can charge the devices on the new slim wireless charger.

Both Fossil smartwatches are compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. Both touchscreen display smartwatches will be available later this year and start at $275 (US).

Fossil Q Motion — Activity + Sleep Tracker

Fossil also introduced an activity tracker that notifies you of calls and texts, in addition to tracking your activity. This summer, Fossil added the latest generation Q Motion. This device also sends you notifications of calls, texts and activity thanks to haptic vibrations and multi-color LED lights.

The Q Motion features smart tap technology. A simple tap plays your favorite music, finds your phone or helps you take that perfect selfie.

The device runs on coin cell batteries and keeps it powered for up to six months. Additionally, it’s water resistant for up to 50 meters, and features interchangeable straps.

Q Motion will be available this summer starting at $95 (US).

Fossil Smart Analog Watches

Fossil’s smarter analog watches alerts users to incoming calls as well as notifications from your closest contacts with just the turn of the watch hands. It also tracks everything from steps to calories, sleep, automatic time zone updates, a second time zone, and connects to an Android smartphone or iPhone device via Bluetooth. Like Q Motion, these analog smartwatches also feature smart buttons.