Faster Apple Watch 2 out by year end

Second-generation Watch to pack in faster processor, GPS, barometer and bigger battery in the same body

Apple Watch 2 ?
The Apple Watch 2 is expected to retain its predecessor's form factor

Thanks to a leaked note obtained by Apple Insider, we’ve got a reasonably clear idea of the specs and features of the Apple Watch 2.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at financial services group KGI Securities with extensive contacts in Apple’s supply chain in Asia, shared the note with investors yesterday.

Apple Watch 2 specs

Kuo writes that the device will include a faster TSMC processor, GPS, a barometer, improved waterproofing and a bigger battery. However, in a departure from the brand’s trend of slimming everything down, the Apple Watch 2 will be roughly the same thickness as the current model.

Alongside the Apple Watch 2, the analyst says we will see an upgraded Watch 1 model with the TSMC processor and waterproofing, but without the GPS and barometer.

Apple fans shouldn’t expect anything world-changing just yet. The note adds that while the Apple Watch 2 is an improvement, we should only expect a new form factor in 2018. That said, we could see an upgraded device with LTE functionality hit stores next year.

There’s no detail on pricing just yet, but the announcement of the new wearable could be timed with that of the iPhone 7/7S, which is rumoured to be September 16.

It appears that Apple is following a similar tick-tock upgrade strategy with its Watch as it does with the iPhone, albeit over a longer period of time.