Did GoPro just get served? EZVIZ seems to think so


These guys are confident that their new action cam can take on GoPro and they have the stats and expertise to back it.

They are EZVIZ, a company that’s all about video. It manufactures Wi-Fi cloud cameras and video surveillance kits, and its mission is to, “make great quality video easy for everyone.”

With that in mind, the company has big plans for CES.

Making its CES debut is the new EZVIZ FIVE+ action cam. It is powered by a Ambarella A9 chipset and is built rugged, ergonomic and durable. The price starts at $399.99.


EZVIZ is among a very limited number of manufactures with access to high performing chipsets of the Ambarella A9 processor family. It also features a Sony IMX image sensor and f.2.8/158-degree lens, offerring 4K video at 30 FPS.

The EZVIZ FIVE+ has a built in 2-inch IPS touchscreen; a 1200mAh battery that delivers 90 minutes of continuous recording at 4K/30fps; a built in electronic image stabilizer and G-sensor; a dual mic noise cancellation and lens distortion corrector. Users can store video locally on a microSD memory card up to 128GB.

“It’s quite simply the strongest product at the best price but without the expensive endorsements and hype,” said Albert Lin, EZVIZ general manager. “We’re confident this camera will knock some share off the market leader.”

Did GoPro just get served? I think they just got served.