Etisalat to launch Voice over LTE calling functionality

etisalat data

Etisalat is poised to move into the next generation of phone calls with its launch of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling. Unlike other parts of the world, UAE residents are limited in their choice of voice calling options. Many of the large social networks allow their users to make high-definition calls using their mobile data and now Etisalat would like to compete with them.

Voice over LTE is an evolution of its existing voice calling services that will improve the quality of calls by using the phone’s 4G LTE data network instead of the existing outdated network. The user experience will be seamless as there won’t be any extra charges to this service nor will they need to download any extra apps. Users will, however, need a device that enables Voice over LTE functionality. At launch, only the latest Samsung devices will be able to make use of this feature but eventually all devices might become compatible.

It is still early days for VoLTE as only a small number of devices support it. However, this number is growing and it is a good bet that in the next couple of years majority of smartphone users will be using a handset that supports VoLTE. The UAE will be one of only 30 countries to introduce this service.