Ministry: Smartphone content can get travellers deported

You should be aware of what content you have on your electronic devices before you travel to the United States, Gulf News reports. People traveling to the United States must be sure they aren’t carrying any illegal or obscene materials on their electronic devices, the UAE’s Foreign Ministry warned on Tuesday.

The alert comes after US authorities said they would impose new security measures at airports.

The measures include inspection of personal mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices that contain illegal content or violate public decency, the foreign ministry quoted the federal US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as saying.

It was not immediately clear whether the UAE foreign ministry was referring to new US security measures, or reiterating existing restrictions.

In September, Gulf News reported that 60 students from Saudi Arabia had their visas cancelled on arrival in US airports, after authorities reportedly found suspect content on their electronic devices.

The warning from the UAE comes six weeks after Kuwait’s government advised citizens to make sure their phones contain no material that might be seen as being linked to Islamist militants before travelling to the United States.