Charge your phone to 48% in 5 minutes?

Could you charge your phone up to 48% in the time it takes to brush your teeth?

Our phones help us stay connected every day. They are our alarms, our means to communicate and a window for entertainment. But when that low battery warning pops up, things can get stressful. Rushing to a charging point and being tethered there for an hour or so to charge your phone is no fun. Manufacturers are doing their bit to speed up the charging process but we as consumers always want more. And it looks like Huawei may have a solution.

In a video, Huawei Watt Lab honed in on a next-generation fast charging technology. It is a bit unconventional but not something we haven’t seen in the past. If you remember, phone batteries were once removable. And Huawei seems to be going back to that with its new technology. Have a look:

Around the 50 second mark, Huawei starts to discuss its new technology. Looking at the battery shown, its design is a bit different from the ones we see in today’s phones. In fact, there seem to be many more connecting points on the battery. We have heard that subdividing the battery into parts could speed up its charging speed and Huawei seems to be implementing that.

And in all honesty, we are pretty excited for this. Personally, I would not mind taking the battery out of my phone if these speeds were achievable. I am sure some people may view it as an inconvenience because they would not be able to use the phone during the charging process. But it if it takes just five minutes of your time, I do not see it as a big deal.

Will this new charging technology be certified by TÜV Rheinland like Supercharging on the Huawei Mate 10 series?

As for when we are going to see this technology, we cannot be sure. This concept was first teased back in 2015. And now a whole two years later, we might finally see it in action. Maybe Huawei are hyping it up for the upcoming MWC 2018. But only time will tell.