Booyah – taking Whatsapp to video


So WhatsApp itself don’t have it yet, but a third party app called BOOYAH by Rounds Entertainment has launched its video-calling services for WhatsApp users.

The app, which is currently only available for iOS, allows users to not only have one-on-one video chats but also have group video chats.

Rounds is another app the developers are previously known for. This app connects to your Facebook account and accesses your friend list and provide a chatting medium. Much like Messenger.

“WhatsApp is the pioneer in group messaging, and therefore was the natural choice as the primary companion to BOOYAH,” said CEO of Rounds Dany Fishel.

“We took it one step further, and brought Snapchat’s ephemerality to group video chat, making these live conversations easy and casual. Ultimately, it’s our job to do all the labor intensive steps, and all you need to do to join a group chat is show up – and Booyah!”